Benefits of an Enclosed Patio or Porch

If you have a deck or a porch and love spending time on it, but find limited use from it in the cooler months, and bugs and weather impede on the warmer months. Then getting an enclosed patio might be for you!

By enclosing your existing porch or patio you get the best way to add year-round functionality to this space. You might find that doing this is more affordable than you might think since it can cost a fraction of what a new addition like a sunroom might be while adding just as much value.

Having your existing deck, porch or patio comes with a lengthy list of benefits. You can get glass, pet screens, or retractable screens to start with. We choose quality materials manufactured to fit your existing space, providing:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • A more affordable answer to a home expansion
  • Convenient indoor/outdoor transitions between rooms

The most rewarding elements of enclosing your porch or patio have more to do with what goes on inside your home.

More Room for What Matters

From celebrations to staycations and mental retreats, your new space will be ideal for resting, recharging, and making lasting memories no matter the weather. You will be able to immerse yourself in nature any time of year, do more of what you love, and make your own fun space by adding a hot tub or pool table. Your new enclosed patio can serve as a guest room, a hosting area, a place to unwind, or a staycation when you need some time to yourself.

More functional everyday living space

By enclosing your existing porch or deck is also the perfect way to expand your available indoor area. If you go with glass or screens they will create a great sunny environment that can be enjoyed as a dining room, family room, or kids’ playroom. This will also allow any furniture placed here to be protected from the weather.

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