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At Elite Gutters and Sunrooms we offer a top of the line screen enclosure system, which can be installed on your existing deck or patio, or under our insulated patio cover. Our friendly and professional technicians will ensure that it is stress-free, clean and as quick as possible. To schedule an appointment or to consult with a customer service representative, please contact us today.

Screen Porch Enclosures

We offer a variety of patio screen enclosures and screen room systems that meet your specific needs.

Aluminum Frame System:

If you are building a porch addition or enclosing an open porch, this system allows you maximum viewing with very little framework. Narrow framing and wider screening allows less supports that can obstruct your view. No need to staple screens anymore to wood and cover with lattice. This system replaces the older style screen porches without having to replace the wood. Also, no painting or staining ever needed.

Retractable Patio Screens

Retractable Patio Screens Cookeville TN
Retractable Porch Screens Cookeville TN

Our retractable screen porch systems are the ideal motorized retractable patio screens for covered patios, verandas, garage doors and lanai’s.

Finally, you can enjoy the Tennessee outdoors without worrying about the sun’s glare and in the vast array of about pesky bugs that we have in Middle Tennessee. Simply roll down the screen and enjoy. This specially engineered system keeps the fabric within the track, keeping unwanted bugs from entering your space. Both Solar screen fabric and Tuff Screen Bug fabrics are available.

Types of Patio Screen Available

Standard Insect Screens:

Our standard screen is our insect screen that allows you to enjoy the fresh air without the hassle of worrying about insects getting into your home. Any width is available, big or small.

Solar Screens:

Solar screens are for homes that experience long sun exposure that tends to heat up your home and cause high energy bills. You can still enjoy the fresh air of your screen porch while also blocking the sun’s rays. Even though you are blocking the sun’s rays, you still have great visibility.

We offer two types of solar screens:

80% Solar Screens: This screen blocks out 80% of the sun’s rays.

90% Solar Screens: This screen blocks out 90% of the sun’s rays.

Pet Screens:

If you have screens that have been torn by your pets, then this one is for you. It allows you to keep those screen porches enjoyable while protecting your screens and your pets. It is made from a highly durable screen mesh that resists pet scratches and running through the screens. It also maintains great visibility for you and your pets to enjoy the fresh air.

Screen Enclosures Cookeville TN
Porch Screen Enclosures Cookeville TN
Screen Room Systems Cookeville TN

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