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Attached and Freestanding LifeRoom Louvered Roof System

Louvered Pergola Cookeville TN

Elite Gutters and Sunrooms Louvered Pergolas can add an entirely new building structure element to your backyard. It will be a very inviting space and an open cover for your patio or deck. Lovely flowering vines can be grown and supply a neat feature to your landscaping. Enhance your home and garden with an Elite Gutters and Sunrooms pergola and enjoy the calmness that comes when you create the finest.

Each and every part of our Elite Gutters and Sunrooms Pergola has been made with skill and flawless finish. Our Pergolas offer comfort with no necessary maintenance. Every design has been designed while considering the appeal of a lovely aesthetic and look. They are 100% weather resistant, with no rusting, rotting, or deterioration. The resistance and durability will surprise you and will preserve its beauty for many years ahead. Every feature has been carefully thought out by professionals to be aesthetically pleasing.


Maintenance-Free Adjustable Aluminum Louvered Pergolas - Innovative Possibilities For Your Outdoor Patio Space

In addition to the dependable opening and closing feature, our system delivers a range of benefits that traditional roofing techniques simply cannot match. The size, shape, and material of the louvers and structure, combined with an internal gutter system, concealed brackets, and a UV-resistant powder coat is the basis of its trusted reputation.

At the touch of a button or a switch, each louver blade rotates to any desired position within a 140º rotation, converting a solid, watertight covering into a light-filtering trellis. This allows you to enjoy sunlight, shade, or a breeze and waterproof protection from the rain. Controlling the weather is now at your fingertips.

So Many Reasons To Choose The Louvered System

Louvered System
  • No rust, rot, or deterioration because the entire structure is fabricated out of aluminum with a durable powder coat tested by 1500 hours of salt spray.
  • All stainless steel fasteners ensure no component on the structure rusts.
  • Industry-leading warranty on all parts and labor.
  • No hard wiring, powered by battery and solar panel.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Shields window coverings, and outdoor furniture from weather damage.
  • Lowers the cost to cool your home by shading exterior walls from solar heat.
  • Appropriate for all kinds of outdoor areas: connected to existing structures, built free-standing, or integrated into current solid roofs.

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