Cane Creek Park & Sports Complex in Cookeville

Cane Creek Park is one of the best sporting complexes in all of Cookeville, TN. They have facilities for both outdoor and indoor sports. There are plenty of amenities for all the players, coaches, and visitors. Throughout the season, many competitions and tournaments are held at this sporting complex; therefore, Cane Creek Park’s staff do their very best to make this an enjoyable venue for all those who visit! If you would like to know more about Cane Creek, scroll down!
Cane Creek Sporting Complex is very committed to the health and safety of its players and visitors. There are three main rules that each visitor should follow:
Smoking is prohibited, Alcoholic beverages are prohibited, Pets are prohibited.

Sunrooms Cookeville TN

Cane Creek SportsPlex has  baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and much more! There is even a medium sized gym inside the complex for anyone who has a membership and wants to workout. If you are unsure of how to engage and get started, there are many fitness classes such as Zumba, full body-workouts, etc. that are held by instructors. You do not have to be an athlete to join! There are people of all ages who come to this park to just walk or jog on the scenic route and enjoy some fresh air!

If you are just a guest and are visiting for a game, do not worry. There are many things for you as well. There are accessible restrooms, bleachers for sitting arrangements, concessions, and much more. If you are enjoying a game outdoors, there are patio enclosures to make sure you can watch your loved one participate in their sporting event without any weather issues. Cane Creek Park has some of the best patio enclosures in Cookeville, TN! You will be amazed at what a game-changer such a small addition can do to your overall experience.