The Cumberland River and Its Relation to Carthage, Tennessee

The Cumberland River is a major waterway for the southern U.S., at 688 miles long; it drains near-18,000 square miles of southern Kentucky and north-central Tennessee, which brings Carthage into the equation. Its location at the confluence the Caney Fork and Cumberland Rivers was enough to make it an important port for the first half of the 19th century.

Water Activities in Carthage

Carthage has a boat ramp and a lighthouse, so boating, kayaking, and similar activities are not a problem to get started on. Since the boat ramp has a few not-so-busy days, if you’re wanting to check out the Cumberland River from Carthage’s perspective, you might want to consult the times below.

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Carthage Boat Ramp

When looking to use the boat ramp, keep the following in mind: on Mondays, it’s busiest around noon, but not all that busy. Tuesdays, busiest around 10 a.m., but not very busy. On Wednesdays, it’s not busy at all. On Thursdays, it’s busiest around noon and somewhat busy. On Fridays, it isn’t all that busy and is busiest around 4 p.m or 16:00. On Saturday it is very busy, and busiest around 5 p.m or 17:00. On Sunday it’s not busy until the hours near 6 p.m. (or 18:00), in which case it is very busy. The local guides say it’s great, and even people just passing through have something nice to say about it.

Carthage Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located near the boat ramp, also on the Cumberland River. Despite the name it doesn’t actually guide ships – that kind of lighthouse only shows up in areas with maritime trade, such as coastal ports. The coloration, a plain white, might be a tad drab – but the natural scenery nearby makes up for it.

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