Does it Cost More to Add a Sunroom Addition to a House on a Hill?

If your home is on a hill, a sunroom could be the best addition for your home. Continue reading to find some great ways to add a sunroom, three-season room, or enclosed porch to your home on a hill. A sunroom on the second floor is best for a home that has a unique layout, like a house on a hill. For example, if your backyard is very inclined and sloping downward, and has an elevated porch off the main floor, you can add a sunroom to your current deck. This will allow you to take advantage of your lovely backyard and enjoy the view all year. If you still want to enjoy a large open area, you can use the space under your second-story sunroom as a covered patio.
If your home sits on a hill, a second-story addition of a sunroom may be even more worth the cost, than a traditional home addition. We are very aware that it requires precise construction and equipment for a complex foundation system.

There are many benefits to getting a second-story sunroom.

Extra space can be used for:

  • Hosting Friends
  • An office at home
  • Arts and crafts
  • Working Out
  • Naps/Relaxing
  • The value of your room is increased
  • Even more natural light

Our team of experienced individuals will help you establish the addition you have dreamed of. We construct and establish all of our sunrooms to fit your precise desires and budget. We have team of trained members who will give you a perfect new space, listen to your thoughts, and make a personalized layout for your exact home.
When you decide to put your home up for sale after a sunroom installation, you will discover that your home will draw more attention than the average home without a sunroom. Increasing the space of your home will make its overall value go up reasonably, normally by 4 – 6%.