Fiddlers Grove Historic Village

The city of Lebanon is home to a hidden gem called Fiddlers Grove Historic Village. As you take a stroll through Fiddlers Grove, you will be taken back to the olden days. Your tour will show you how the way of life was years ago and how far we have come since then. Fiddlers Grove Historic Village takes pride in the fact that they can preserve and share such an ionic experience with all their visitors. If you are interested in hearing more about this spectacular experience, stay tuned!

Sunrooms Lebanon TN

Fiddlers Grove takes you back in time. All the displays and attractions are kept genuine. For example, there are log-cabins with only one room because that is all the space they had. Families would turn their one-room cabin into a school and kitchen in the morning, and then transform it into their dining room and bedroom at night. If you step outside into the village, there is a blacksmith shop, church, radio station, jail, barbershop, general store, sawmill, hospital, drugstore, and much more.

Up to this day, many citizens still reside there and live in the olden ways. The lifestyle back then was very simple and minimal. Everyone made ends meet with what they had. There was not much complaining and fighting, but rather a sense of unity amongst the families and community. It is amazing to see that culture and traditions are still being lived out. If you ever have a chance to visit Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, make sure you take it.

While you are visiting, you can help out the village in many ways. They always have a donation box to continue to keep up the maintenance in the village. Many people host events in the village to raise money. Some people even help out with simple tasks that may need to be done around the place. Due to all the donations, Fiddlers Grove was able to hire some sunroom contractors from Lebanon, TN to fix up some of the sunrooms. This simple addition has taken some of the houses to another level!