Hidden Treasures of Bloomington Springs, TN

They say there are hidden treasures in every city and in the city of Bloomington Springs, there are definitely at least two of them! Their names are CHANCE Residental Center and Steele Cabinets & Millworks. Although these two places have nothing in common, they are very special to Bloomington Springs and all its residents.

Sunrooms Bloomington Springs TN

CHANCE Residental Center is a very unique center. It is unlike any other center I have ever seen or heard about. This residential center used to be known as the DeBerry Military Academy. The academy prepped young men for adulthood and military service. However, now it is a center for young ladies to find normalcy and peace of mind. The center can accept about 24 girls to stay between four to six months. While at the center, the girls can attend school, participate in extra-curricular, and get counseling. Since the center is spacious, the decor is very bright and colorful, and the facility is clean and well-maintained, it makes for a very inviting, comforting, and safe space. As previously mentioned just as the inside is kept well updated, so is the outside. Recently, they got workers to put in the best leaf filters in Bloomington Springs, TN. They all care so much about the girls, staff, and even the facility.

On the other hand, we have Steele Cabinets & Millworks. This is a family-owned business that started in 1983. Their focus is on providing us with some of the highest quality of furniture we have ever seen and owned. They have anywhere from a dining table set to a full kitchen. They do, however, specialize in cabinets. You can either choose from a catalog, their showroom, or custom order them. Steele Cabinets & Millworks will guarantee none of their furniture will go bad for years. If you are remodeling or moving into another home, make sure to check them out for your new furniture.