How Long Does The Gutter Guard Installation Take?

One of the most common questions asked whenever we meet with homeowners is, “how long does the installation take?” Below we have made a simple guide to help you get an idea of how long a gutter installation may take for your home. Several factors vary the amount of time for your installation process.

The size of your home: Commonly, the more square feet your home has, the more material and time you should be expecting it to take. A very extensive job, 300 plus feet, could take more than a day.
-How high above the ground is your roof: A one-story home is a whole lot easier for us to get on your roof and transfer materials back and forth, unlike multiple stories that require a lot of time spent going up and down a ladder.

How sloped is the roof: A flat roof allows us to move quickly and get the gutter installation done faster. Roofs that are very steeply sloped make you more cautious, involve safety gear, and increase ladder use. Whereas in a smaller home, the difference in installation time might be different, but on a larger home, those extra minutes will add up.

What type of gutters are you installing: Most of our gutter materials require a relatively similar amount of installation time. However, our copper, half-round and 5-inch K-Guard gutters are more labor-intensive and could take a long time to install, which depends on the square footage of the home.

Weather: when we are working outside we want our crew to always be safe. Weather will play a big role in the times and days we can work which may set us back.

Typically for a home that needs 150 feet of gutter covers, it takes a group of two and usually about three hours to install your products. If there are a large number of inside and outside corners, and highly slanted roofing that requires installation from ladders, it may call for an extra hour or two.