How Much Do Patio Enclosures Cost

Millions of Americans have stated they either want, or are happy that they have, a patio or sunroom. The reasons for this immense popularity are apparent -well-built patio enclosures both increase the value of the home and the health and well being of its occupants. Since both health and wealth rank pretty high in most people’s books, sunroom additions continue to be an attractive investment.

Now if you are clicking onto this article wondering about the costs of a patio enclosure, you likely don’t need me to sell you on the many monetary and physical benefits they provide. Rather, we are going to spend our time together discussing the most viable options for your addition, as well as the expected costs of each one. Cost Breakdown of Major Types of Patio Enclosures “Patio Enclosure” is a relatively broad category that can encompass projects as small as the $500 range, or as massive as $36,000. The average project (depending on what field you wish to include) will cost near $15,000. The final cost will be highly dependent on the size of the area being enclosed and how it is confined. Windows, materials, etc. Either way, the end result will be a room that makes the best of both nature and comfort.

We are not going to examine every single possible type of outdoor addition; instead we are going to look at the significant categories of patio additions to better help you wrap your mind around expected costs. These types will include awnings, patio screen enclosures, as well as full sunrooms.

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A. Awning

An awning refers merely to an angled roofing structure that extends from the wall of a home. They aren’t usually enclosed, and you can save quite a bit of money with this compromise -but the bugs and weather are still going to get you. Awnings are often found as a fabric but also are common in solid structure forms.

Retractable awnings provide the best compromise in terms of space and utility.

Cost: $ Low


  • Relatively low-cost
  • Versatile option.


  • Not as Durable.
  • Return on resale investment will be lower.

B. Patio Cover

A patio cover is similar to an awning in that it is an extension of a home wall, but is rather a solid structure. Like awnings, patio covers don’t protect you from the bugs and elements (other than immediate exposure like falling rain and sunlight, of course) but also don’t require near as much of an investment as a full room. Patio covers are popular for those who want a permanent addition but don’t wish to fully enclose an outdoor space.

Cost: $$ Low – Med


  • Sturdier than an awning.
  • Cost effective.
  • More likely to add home value than an awning.


  • Not as effective as an enclosed space.

C. Screen Room

In its purest form, a screen room takes a patio cover, adds some pillars and then connects the screen between the pillars to keep out the bugs. Lightweight aluminum screens are the most popular lately. A screen enclosure setup can range dramatically in price but is generally another very cost effective that moves that indoor/outdoor compromise a bit further in the indoor direction. For example, You can still barbeque in a screen room, but it is much more temperamental of a task.

With a patio screen enclosure you will still get plenty of sun and wind but won’t have to deal with the bugs. A solid middle-ground patio enclosure that sees heavy use in more humid and tropical southern climates.

Cost: $$$ Medium – High


  • Not very expensive.
  • Screen enclosures are perfect for certain climates and locals (mosquito country for example).


  • While it is inexpensive, the impermanence of the structure is not going to do well on resale.
  • Room is still unusable on very windy and chilly days.

D. Sun Room

A Sun Room is almost better thought of as an additional room with walls that are mostly windows. It is a glass patio enclosure. Traditionally called a solarium, these rooms are ideal for lounging and relaxing throughout the year when the weather is mild. The worst of the weather is kept out, and so are the bugs, but the glass still makes you very susceptible to temperatures. Sunrooms are beautiful additions that almost always provide significant value to a home. A well-made sunroom addition will typically earn the homeowner back 80-120% of its value.

The cost is worth it regardless though. Enjoying your book in the sunlight and protection of your own home on nice sunny afternoon is one of the best moments on life.

Cost: $$$$ High


  • Fully enclosed from wind and bugs.
  • Very attractive lounging room.
  • A glass patio enclosure gives you Great ROI value on the resell.


  • Much more expensive than the other options.

Now there are variations of sunrooms like Three season rooms which, if you can’t tell by the name, are built to be used in a wider array of seasonal conditions than our other options. Regardless of the final style or name, the principals roughly remain the same on this same pricing and result trajectory. The more solid and well built the add-on, the better the home value and the better the elements are kept out. The cheaper the option, the more you are one with nature, but the less the investment will benefit your home’s value and protect you from the elements.