How Much Does it Cost to Build a Covered Patio

A covered patio is a perfect investment that allows you to enjoy your outside space whether rain or shine. There are many different types and variations of these patios, and each have a different cost. Every patio also has different styles, sizes, and materials to consider. This means that the cost of a covered patio ranges greatly. The national average cost range you should expect is anywhere from $4000-$12000. Most patios are located near your house, which makes them convenient to access and allows you to still have yard space. If you choose to have a free-standing patio, it limits your roofing options, which will change your cost. The size that you choose for your patio is the main drive of the cost. A standard patio averages around $8-$30 per square foot, and covered patios are around $14-$90 a square foot. A basic model 12’ x 14’ is a good size for a dining room which is normally $2,350-$15,000. A living room-sized 12’ x 18’ model could be anywhere from $3,000-$18,800. The space of an 18’ x 24’ living and dining room is $6,000-$40,000. If you are looking to host parties and have a decent-sized crowd, an outdoor kitchen and entertainment room is your best option with a 24’ x 36’ space, and it ranges from $13,000- $76,000.

When you are choosing the actual cover of the patio, you have tons of options. The sailcloth, awning, gabled, pergola, louvered, gazebo, and enclosed. The sailcloth is your basic option that averages anywhere from $100- $200 or $1,830-$6,000. An enclosed patio is the most extensive option and you should expect to spend $8,000-$25,000 or $9,730-$30,000.

Another popular system we offer is the LifeRoom Patio Enclosures Motorized Screen System. LifeRoom provides a faint soft breeze and mist that soothes you as the fully automated screens guard you against the hot summer sun. With LifeRoom, you can have all of your favorite parts of the outdoors, with the comfort of being inside. You are in full control of your conditions. If pesty bugs come out, or you need some privacy, just lower all the screens and appreciate the beauty of your landscaping without worrying. LifeRoom’s automated screens keep you and your friends protected from bugs simply by the touch of a button. LifeRoom’s special LED light sources make your space the perfect lounge area.

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