Local Shops in Algood, TN

Algood, TN is a small countryside town located in Middle Tennessee. Although the population of this town is less than 5,000 citizens, it has many things to offer its residents and all of its visitors. There are many hidden gems throughout Algood! Many of them are the local businesses that are owned by families who have been residing in this countryside town for many years. Most of these businesses have been passed down through each generation. Some of the local shops are the Blue House, This n That, Bellena’s Children’s Shop, and Emberton’s Creation. A special event most of these shops host are outdoor sales when the weather is nicer. Since they all have the best patio enclosures in Algood, TN, they are able to host such events and display their items outside without worrying about the weather conditions!

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The Blue House has 4.7 stars and the ratings are outstanding. This shop has a collection of antiques to the latest trends. There are clothes, jewelry, and decor for sale. Come and shop at the Blue House for all your fashion and home decor needs!
This n That is a unique thrift resale shop. This is truly a hidden gem in Algood. If you like antique hunting, you must visit this shop! They have some of the best and unique finds. Customers who love older generational items have made this a staple and must stop and shop at store in the area.
Bellena’s Children’s Shop is one of the best boutiques in the town for children’s clothing. They have the cutest and trendiest clothing for all ages from newborns to tweens. If you love dressing your child in southern style clothing, check Bellenas out! They carry good ole southern style clothes as well!
The last shop is Emberton’s Creations. This local shop specializes in custom orders from shirts to tumblers to keychains to much more. You can request any design on any item, and they will get the job done. There are also pre-made designs on items for sale at the store. If you need a gift for a special occasion, make sure to check them out!