Parks in Livingston, TN

Livingston, TN is a town where its residents and visitors thrive. The reasons behind it are the many outdoor parks and activities Livingston offers its residents and visitors. There are three main attractions. They are the Standing Stone State Park, Dale Hollow Lake, and the Hidden Valley Golf & Country Club. The reason these attractions are extra special is because of the gutters in Livingston, TN. The gutters protect the outdoor buildings from rain and erosion which keeps the outdoor buildings looking clean and well-preserved.

Sunrooms Livingston TN

The Standing Stone State Park gets its name from the legendary 12 foot standing upright. Some believe the rock was a divider between two Indian nations. The park includes campgrounds, wildlife, bodies of water, and hiking trails. Also within the park, there are even pavilions and patio enclosures in Livingston, TN that are perfect for any type of event or gathering. The park is filled with greenery and is the perfect spot on a hot summer day.

The Dale Hollow Lake is a place close to Livingston where there are more visitors than locals! The lake attracts people from all around the country. It is the best spot for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, and of course being out on the water. Many competitions and activities are held at the lake and some of them are fishing tournaments, house boating, boating, floating, skiing, kayaking, and much more. It even has a couple of food places and gas stations to better serve your needs on your perfect lake day. For overnight stayers, there are different lodging options.

The Hidden Valley Golf & Country Club is a nine-hole course inviting all golf lovers. The golf course is open to the general public Monday-Friday omit Wednesday because, on Wednesday, it is only opened to the members. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing game of golf, this is the course for you!