Places of Musical or Theatrical Entertainment Fairfield Glade TN

If you are looking to get out of your Fairfeild Glade sunroom this place usually gives outdoor musical performances a wide range of interests. Fairfield Glade conducts exercises around our mirror lake halfway, while the city of Crossville transfers their meetings to its shell between the famous town hall and the open library. Other entertainment venues are Cumberland County Theater and Palace Theater. These exercises help to develop society and the tourism industry.

Sunroom Additions Fairfield Glade TN

Fairfeild Glade is surrounded by the fantastic superiority of the Cumberland Plateau, the Cumberland Playhouse Theater boasts one of America’s ambitious and dramatic lineup. The Playhouse has everything from great musicals to new work. The theatre, founded in 1965, celebrates fifty years of its best work in Tennessee, the Appalachians, and the South. Each year, the Cumberland Playhouse Theater invites more than 130,000 guests and its entire annual repertoire period implies that these guests can see over five unique creations in a secluded week! Our 2018 lineup includes Humpback Notre Dame, Legally Blonde, Sweeney Todd, Smoke on the Hill, and Holiday Inn, as well as an energetic presentation of the show. To learn more, you can visit us online at the official website.

Emphasizing live entertainment in an assortment of melodic styles, the Palace Theater offers jazz, blues, and country, bluegrass and rock shows, to give some examples. The palace provided the public with the opportunity to break out of the ordinary daily existence in the 1930s and the difficult war years, and it was lovingly restored and revived for the pleasure of the entire network in 2001. The palace has the usual features, but our schedule is very adaptable, and we will do our best to satisfy you and your needs. Moreover, remember that we do not just serve Crossville, we serve Cumberland County, the Cumberland Plateau and the entire East Tennessee area. The Palace Theater can attract you and support your business or sector.