Rail Trail in Algood, TN

The Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail runs through a part of Algood, TN. This rail-trail is approximately 19 miles long and runs from Cookeville, TN to Monterey, TN. It was in October of 2016 that about a 4.23-mile segment started going through Algood, TN. Back in the old days, this rail was called the Tennessee Central Railroad. The train carried various items such as coal, other types of natural resources, and manufactured goods from Nashville to Knoxville. After a little while, the railroad was shut down, but after 20 years, they opened up again. However, they did change the name and route a little bit.

Sunrooms Algood TN

In present day, this rail-trail is one of the most visited sites in all of Algood, TN. This trail starts in downtown and goes through the town. There are many sites to see and things to do along the way. You can stop and eat at some of the local restaurants, go support the small businesses by doing your shopping there, or stop at some locally painted murals for pictures of a lifetime! The residents of Algood have made going through the rail-trail a weekend activity. People from all around the state take time off to come and visit the whole route of the Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail, and all of them stop at Algood to visit the rest of the town as well.

Not only is this rail-trail historical, but also a fun way to explore the community. The trail is easy and accessible. It is well-maintained; in fact, they recently installed some of the top-notch gutter guards in Algood, TN. These gutter guards make sure to keep the debris and other foreign items out of the gutter system. This ensures all the precipitate is drained properly which helps keep up the good appearance of this rail-trail. If you are ever looking for a fun activity to do, make sure to check out this rail-trail.