Restaurants in Monterey, TN

Monterey, TN has some of the most unique restaurants in Middle Tennessee. This small town, which has 3000 citizens, has multiple local restaurants that cannot be found anywhere else. The residing citizen and even visitors love the laid back and relaxed environment all these restaurants have especially because some of them have the best house-like patio enclosures in Monterey, TN. The local restaurants in Monterey are the Integrity Lil Shop Of This N That, Pizza Box, and Tienda La Tapatia. Each restaurant represents a different type of cuisine.

Sunrooms Monterey TN

115 E Stratton Ave is home to the classic American restaurant called Integrity Lil Shop Of This N That. The citizens of Monterey describe this place as cozy and casual just like a sunroom in Monterey. The restaurant’s menu consists of these classic comforting American foods burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, chocolate and country gravy, and breakfast items that are served all day. A fun fact about this restaurant is that it opens at 6 AM.

The Pizza Box, our Italian cuisine, is locals’ favorite pizza joint in town! Not only do they serve different combinations on the pizzas, but also wings, pasta, and even burritos. Pizza Box is a blend of Italians, American, and Mexican food all in one. Some of the special pizza combinations are Canadian Bacon, Cheeseburger Pizza, and Anchovy Heaven. They only serve buffalo wings, and for the burrito, they have three types: beef, beef and bean, and supreme. Some of their sides include breadsticks, garlic bread, nachos, and baked pizza puffs.

The last restaurant is Tienda La Tapatia. This restaurant is the most different from all because it is a grocery shop and restaurant in one. The front of the store is a Mexican grocery store and the back is the Mexican restaurant. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, this is the place to go! Their menu is filled with so many items, so here are some of the most liked main courses: fried mini tacos, Torta De Milanesa (breaded steak sandwich), and burritos. One can choose from a variety of meats and veggies to put on any of the items. Once you are finished eating, you can shop around to get your favorite Mexican snacks! All these restaurants make fresh food with lots of love. Next time you are in town, grab some local food, and enjoy the best patio enclosures in Monterey, TN.