Sunroom & Screen Room Ideas for 2022

So you’re adding a new room to your house, and you think a sunroom or screen room might make a good choice. Great! At Elite Gutters and Sunrooms, we have a list for just that occasion. We’ll go over what the different types of sunrooms are, their advantages, and their disadvantages (sadly, no room is perfect for everything).

Look And Feel

Sunroom Addition Wiltshire TN

When you think of adding a new sunroom, what sort of room do you see in your mind’s eye? Fleshing out that room is a good starting point, since we can then work with you from there to make your vision a reality. Some people prefer a more stock room design and don’t care nearly as much about the exact specifics of their new sunroom; while we can certainly work with that, we feel that designing your sunroom along with you is the best way to go. For that, we need your input on how you think your new sunroom should look and feel.

Down-To-Earth Designing

At Elite Gutters and Sunrooms, our professionals don’t spend all day with their heads in the clouds. We know the reality of the many situations we’ve been in, and we’re happy to help you out. That said, what sort of sunroom you end up with is heavily influenced by the roof design you choose. A vaulted roof works well for more open sunrooms, and a gabled roof is a good choice for sunrooms with a hefty dose of natural lighting. If your house has a patio, outdoor screen porch, or lanai that isn’t already enclosed, another design option is the patio enclosure. This route can be a good choice for such spaces that don’t often get used, for instance due to forbidding weather, since they can be enclosed enough that the elements won’t hit people quite so hard. We’re willing to custom-design your sunroom along with you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.