Tips to Stay Cool This Summer Under a Patio Cover

The summer season is approaching, filled with many outdoor activities that come with the negative aspect of things most of us do not enjoy. The HEAT! Who wouldn’t want to be outdoors all day when you have cozy furniture and a perfect view? Sadly, a perfect patio does not have the best access to abundant coolness. Let us help you consider matters and learn how to conquer the heat this summer.

No matter the temperature, you can keep your patio nice and cool with these simple methods. Continue reading to learn ways of cooling your patio:

Add umbrellas and canopies

Providing shade is by far the fastest and easiest way to cool off your patio. A large umbrella or installing an awning will give you enough shade, and this will change the temperature greatly. Umbrellas can be found for fairly cheap as an easy fix. They are easy to move around, so they are best for a temporary fix. If you rather an awnings, they are much sturdier.

Invest in some greenery

Trees and bushes are quite possibly the easiest and cheapest fix to add coolness to your patio. They not only provide shade naturally but also drop the air temperatures by reducing water in the air via their leaves. If you want fast relief from the blaring sunlight, planting a sort of deciduous tree that grows fast is a good idea.

When you are needing to stay cool on your patio, the materials you choose for your furniture will also have a big impact on the overall temperature. Some materials absorb more sunlight, while there are also some that retract strong and harmful UV rays. Dark-colored materials have always been known to bring in more heat, so keep this in mind. Canvas and Dry wick materials that are very lightly colored are going to be your best pick. Also, be sure to always consider weather-resistant materials in all of your patio purchases.