What is a glass lanai enclosure and how much do they cost?

When picturing a dream home, you see yourself having the best of everything. A relaxing bedroom, for instance, or a memorable bathroom that demands the praise of guests after just one use.

Glass Lanai Enclosure Cookeville TN

The right design is the trick to making your space as comfortable as possible. If you’re building your dream home – or even renovating your current home to be more comfortable – then you’ll want to consider adding a sunroom for lounging.

What is a Sunroom?

Sunrooms go by a number of names. Chances are, you may have seen them referred to as “glass patio enclosures,” “glass lanais,” or even “Florida rooms,” since they’re such a frequent addition to homes in the Sunshine State. They are typically rooms largely made of window space, and are frequently fully enclosed spaces. Glass lanais should be thought of as an added room to the home that enjoys the climate control and lighting of any other room, as opposed to an area simply adjacent to the home like screened-in decks.

Sunroom Versus Patio – What Are the Notable Differences?

Patios are a great complement to any home, as they offer the tranquility of being outside. But there is no protection from the elements of the outside world, so pesky insects, inclement weather, and over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays can all be a real problem. Sunrooms eliminate that exposure, and since they have a direct connection to the inside of the home, stepping away to use the bathroom or grab something from the kitchen is a quick trip.

There are many pleasures in having a sunroom or glass lanai in your home. And when properly installed, a glass patio enclosure gives homeowners an area to view what’s going on in their backyards without having to trek outside. If fully enclosed, they provide the resident with greater safety from intruders, as a simple patio would not have the barriers in place from a thief or a trespasser.

Glass Patio Enclosures can do something else no patio can: They can double as a greenhouse attached to the house. This is ideal for a lot of sensitive plants that can’t handle extreme temperatures. Those with a green thumb can enjoy the company of their flora without the need to put on footwear.

How Much Does a Glass Lanai Enclosure Cost?

Crunching the data on your home’s glass lanai enclosure cost means looking at a few factors. How big do you want the proposed sunroom to be? Is there a certain look you’re wanting for the wood or the glass? And should said glass patio enclosure to face the backyard, are you wanting it to feature a door? Also, what about the structure of the home itself? What features of the home might affect the installation?

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