Restaurants in Livingston, TN

Livingston, TN is a hidden gem and one of the reasons behind it is the many family-owned restaurants. They range anywhere from classic American diners to good ole southern comfort food. Some of the local restaurants include Stover’s Country Kitchen, Livingstone Depot, Steel Coop, Wired Coffee Co, Tennessee Barbeque, and many more. Let’s dive into some of these local restaurants, shall we?

Sunrooms Livingston TN

First up, we have the Stover’s Country Kitchen with reviews on their Facebook page saying “Great food, affordable prices”, “Very friendly staff and good service even though they were very busy.” and many more positive reviews. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. The best-sellers are their buttery and soft biscuits with a side of homemade gravy. A lunch classic with various types of cheeseburgers with fries, of course! Their dinner menu includes locals’ favorite catfish, ribeye steak, and shrimp all served with a side of potato, salad, or slaw with bread. If you are looking for a comforting vibe along with comforting food, this is the place for you.

Going along with the southern vibe, we have Livingston Depot. Livingston Depot has a calm and cozy ambiance. The restaurant even accommodates your pet’s needs by providing outdoor space. Some locals’ favorites include their special Depot Club, Havarti Grilled Cheese Melt, and many more delicious sandwiches. Along with great food, they also have gourmet drinks, performances from local artists, friendly staff, and free wifi!

The last restaurant to review is the Steel Coop. This restaurant was established in 2018 making it fairly new. This is one of the most modern southern restaurants. The fan favorites include Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, Southside Chicken, Tennessee Whiskey Salmon, and Fish & Chips. Once you finish up with the main course, there are desserts such as Apple Pie, Brown Butter Cake, and Chocolate Mousse Cake. This would be the perfect place for a night out!

Livingston is the go-to place for all the food fanatics. All the restaurants have excellent menus along with amazing customer service. To further better one’s experience, some restaurants have patio enclosures in Livingston, TN. To take advantage of the perfect Tennessee weather, restaurants have also built sunrooms in Livingston, TN to add that special touch.